Cream Legbar Hatching Eggs

£ 1.50 each

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We have an unrelated breeding group sourced from 2 reputable Cream Legbar breeders.  Cream Legbars lay a pale blue/green egg and have the added advantage of being auto-sexing (you are able to tell the sex of the chick at hatching by colour).

Our breeding birds are vaccinated, wormed quarterly and fed on the highest quality Garvo or Matador breeding pellets to give the best results.

We are hatching all the time and only sell hatching eggs when we are getting at least 80% fertility.

When you order your eggs, please contact us if you require them on a certain day.  We only post the freshest eggs and if we don't have any available to send immediately, we will begin collecting them over the next few days for posting.  If you wish to collect your eggs, please telephone us and we can let you know when we have collected enough for you to pick up.

Collection of the eggs from us will give the best hatching results.  We can post the eggs out in purpose made polystyrene egg boxes but cannot be responsible for fertility once they have gone through the postal system.

Price is per egg.