Smite Concentrate

£ 9.95 each


Smite Professional Red Mite Liquid is a concentrate which, when mixed at a 6% solution with water, will kill red mite in chicken houses. The bottle, comes with a pump which will measure a 30 ml dose.

* Smite will effectivly eliminate Red Mite and other parasites
* Also effective against mite eggs
* Smite is non-toxic and does not contain pesticides
* Pleasant odour and easy to use dosing pump
* Economical, only 3-6% dilution required (1lit. makes up to 34 lit. of treatment)
* Efficient detergent degreaser and cleaner - ideal for removing organic matter
* Suitable for all animal and bird housing
* One product does it all - Smite cleans, disinfects and kills mites.

Dilution guide for 6% solution: Add one 30ml pump per half litre of water.

Our Tip: To treat red mite, clean out and empty your hen house taking care to burn or place bedding in a sealed bag to prevent the further spread of any mites.  Spray the inside of the house with Smite liquid, thoroughly soaking the woodwork.  Leave the house to dry and then coat the inside of the house with diatomaceous earth based louse powder (such as Smite Louse Powder) to kill any mites missed with the spray.  Repeat every 5 days to get on top of the infestation.